Go, Baptize, Teach!



Ushers are ministers of hospitality along with our welcoming committee of greeters. They have the opportunity and the responsibility to represent the parish community as they offer gracious welcome to all who enter our church for worship. As servants of the assembly they build a welcoming atmosphere for parishioners and visitors alike, so that those who gather can spread their hospitality to others.

Among a number of responsibilities, ushers ensure that the church, especially the entry area, is a warm hospitable place for all who gather for worship, offer song sheets to encourage full, conscious, active participation, help people find seating, identify those who are disabled who might need special assistance, invite families to participate in the gift procession, help guide participants during worship, assist in times of emergency, and help newcomers find information about the parish.

Helpful Attributes
Those who have a gracious and helpful personality are most welcome to serve. This ministry is for those leaders who feel called by baptism to serve the parish community and for those who want to grow in their faith through service.

Training & Time Commitment
Training is offered at St. Brendan’s to those who want to serve in this ministry. Ushers are encouraged to continue to learn more about the meaning and purpose of the liturgy in their lifelong faith journey. Parish retreats and special educational opportunities are recommended. Ushers typically serve twice each month.

Anyone can be an usher who has received appropriate preparation. Children are encouraged to serve as ushers with their parents.

A talent is a talent until it is used to serve God.  At than point it becomes a gift of ultimate value, multiplying every time we use it.  In man’s eyes it may seem insignificant, in God’s eyes, you are a superstar!