The St. Brendan’s Columbarium and Memorial Garden will be a sacred resting place on holy ground for cremated human remains with the same dignity of a cemetery.



Benefits of a Parish Columbarium

 SERENITY: An intimate, peaceful garden environment of contemplation and prayer for the intercessions of your loved ones.

PERPETUAL CARE: The Code of Canon Law requires the Catholic Church to perpetually maintain its places of burial.  Care will always be guaranteed.

SECURITY: Highly visible proximate location on the church grounds means your loved one’s resting place and the security of their family are assured.


Interested in reserving a niche?

Please print the Columbarium Brochure and complete the contact information section.  You may return to the parish office or email it.

 Contact: [email protected] or 770-205-7969 x16 


To make a payment on a niche, please click HERE.