Go, Baptize, Teach!



Lectors proclaim God’s Word to the gathered community.  They do not simply read the scripture but they proclaim His Word so that the community may experience God’s saving and loving presence.

As they prepare to read at the ambo, lectors are asked to pray, explore scripture’s meaning, practice reading aloud, and check pronunciation of difficult words.  At the ambo, lectors should read in a deliberate, appropriately paced, and clear voice so that God’s redeeming activity is revealed in the Living Word.  Lectors proclaim the Word at Sunday Mass, Holy Days of Obligation, and special liturgies.

Helpful Attributes
Lectors should have a deep understanding of and respect for the Word of God.  They should be comfortable as public speakers and have a willingness to take the time to prepare to meet their responsibilities.

Training & Time Commitment
Ministers can expect to serve approximately once a month.  The parish offers new lector training and training for experienced lectors.  Rehearsals are held for special Masses, such as Palm Sunday and the Easter Triduum.

This ministry is for any baptized Catholic who is 13 years of age or older, who has received First Communion, who, if married, was married within the Church, and has received training offered at St. Brendan’s.