Go, Baptize, Teach!

Divorced Catholics


Our purpose is to spread the truth of our Catholic Faith to as many separated or divorced Catholics as possible and help them to understand that this faith, given to us by Jesus Christ, is the pathway to hope, healing and renewal. We want to help get you started–and keep you going–on this path by providing you with programs, information, resources, and encouragement.

Allow Christ to walk with you as you rediscover His healing and rejuvenating power through the wisdom, richness, and truth of your Catholic faith. Attend programs that engage you providing a pathway, offering peace through living in the mercy and truth of our faith. A support team is available to any divorced/separated member of the parish to listen, guide and support through this traumatic circumstance.

Helpful Attributes:
Participant have a willingness to find life after divorce that is meaningful and fulfilling, when living in full communion with the Church. Additionally, if you have a sincere desire to minister to people who are suffering in this way and desire to give back to the Church, then this is the ministry for you!

Training, Time and Commitment:
Time commitment is flexible as the programs and retreats vary. If you are interested in being a facilitator, training will be provided in the Journey of Hope program.  You will be given the knowledge of Church teaching regarding the sensitive areas involving divorce and separation.