Go, Baptize, Teach!

Our Family Program


The Our Family Program is a Social Justice and Outreach Ministry which helps Latino families become a more integral part of our parish and our civic community.

A key goal of the Our Family Program is to educate Latinas and through English Language classes, life skills instruction, and cultural exchange to better prepare them to function in American culture.  The program provides classroom and computer-aided instruction in English.  Qualified volunteer teachers instruct all classes. Classroom volunteers assist students in understanding lessons.  Each student has a volunteer mentor, a bilingual woman who acts as a “Big Sister.”  Mentors build relationships with students and encourage their progress. Life skills are taught each month.  Cultural exchanges, Fiestas, are held for American and Hispanic holidays.  Volunteers maintain and beautify the Learning Center where classes are held.  Students and volunteers support and cooperate with our pastor in the development of parish initiatives.

Helpful Attributes
Teaching, mentoring, classroom volunteering, social events coordination, building maintenance, concern and caring for immigrant families.

Training & Time Commitment

  • Volunteer Orientation (2.0 Hours)
  • Two three-hour classes per week, homework, weekly three-hour life skills or tutorial sessions on Fridays and special social and cultural events throughout the year