Sponsorships Strengthen Agricultural Production and Change Families' Lives

Agriculture and livestock play an important role in the life of a farming family in rural areas of Haiti. By sponsoring one of our Parish families in Bassin-Zim you help fund our agriculture project which improves the harvest and crops in both quality and yield. This in turn, provides the larger community with access to better quality food and reduces malnutrition throughout the village.

Our project also improves the living conditions of each beneficiary family. Some farming families have started generating profits by expanding cultivated plots and using different seeds donated through this program. Also, this project provides families with two female goats that may, in turn, produce four other goats each year through breeding. These "gifts" help increase a family's farm's production and potentially the families' income.

From a nutrition point of view, this project provides access to better quality food and reduces malnutrition. It is a viable project that holds the attention of the entire population. It has become the natural progression of our efforts in Bassin-Zim that include building and maintaining the school for our farming families' children.

Please take a moment to pray for our Haitian brothers and sisters at Our Lady of Fatima parish and consider sponsoring a family so they can be a part of our new agricultural program.

If you have any questions or need more information email [email protected] or visit HaitiReach.org.