Go, Baptize, Teach!

Pastoral Council

St. Brendan’s 2020-2021 Pastoral Council

  • Chairman — Debbie Rigby
  • Vice Chairman — Apollo Nguyen
  • Secretary — Julio Roncal
  • Adult Faith Formation and Education — Erika Boland
  • Youth Faith Formation and Education — Apollo Nguyen
  • Liturgy & Worship Commision — Juan Ibarra
  • Spiritual Ministries Commission — Nancy Palmer
  • Outreach and Helping/Healing Ministries Commission — Julio Roncal
  • Parish Life & Administration Commission — Pat Marcouillier

The Pastoral Council promotes the spiritual growth of the parish community and works to plan ways for the parish to carry out the mission of the Church. The council serves as an advisory council to the Pastor.  The Pastoral Council studies pastoral matters, considers them thoroughly, and proposes practical recommendations about them. In this way the Council fosters pastoral activity. The Pastoral Council is willing to listen to and be open-minded towards the ideas of others and the good of the whole parish and is dedicated to the mission and spiritual welfare of the parish. All council representatives are elected by the parish. Questions and comments may be directed to the council via an email to Debbie Rigby at [email protected].


Pastoral Council Norms
Pastoral Council Foundation Document
2019 Pastoral Council Nomination & Biography Form