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Shroud Exhibit








About The Shroud of Turin: A Story of Hope

Our museum-quality exhibit tells the complete story of the Resurrection and Ascension. You’ll find historic, scientific, and scriptural evidence unfolded like a detective novel, as you decide:

  • Did Jesus really die?
  • Did He rise from the dead?
  • Is the Shroud image really Jesus?
  • What happened at the moment of the resurrection?

Throughout the exhibit are four historically accurate artifacts of instruments used in His Passion. At its conclusion you can study an exact copy of the burial cloth originating from the Commission on the Shroud of Turin. In this quiet space you’ll discover His story doesn’t end at the Ascension. Instead evaluate eye witness accounts of life after death and the hope it delivers, including surprising little known analogies.

Visit today and decide for yourself

  • Is there hope for life after death?
  • Is there hope for eternal happiness?