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Day of Penance for the Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

How have our own attitudes and actions contributed to a sad status quo that threatens the culture?

St. Agnes and the Weight of Sacrifice

Our faith is not a toy or a hobby, but a way of life.

Game ON: Why Video Games Appeal to the Hungry Heart

From “Kingdom Hearts” to “Fortnite,” key human desires manifest themselves in video game culture.

Uncle Screwtape Is Delighted with Our Social Cowardice

The senior demon has a new letter for Wormwood about his disoriented American subjects.

Curing Spiritual Procrastination

We are constantly being called to enter deeper into God’s heart.

If You Love Somebody, If You Love Someone…

Love alone makes the wild tensions of difference wildly creative.

The Gift of Baptism and Our Search for Meaning

A vacuum in the soul is evident in the lives of many today, even among those who are baptized.

It Is Good That You Exist

The desire to be seen, to be acknowledged, is deep, and its lack diminishes the person.

Fearing the Fragility of Auntie Janis and Cousin Judy

What is it about human neediness that both fascinates and repels?

Sanctity or Scandal: An Interview with Fr. Steve Grunow

“Credibility will only come from saints—and this is the hard way the Church seems called by the Lord to go.”