Open Arms


Our caring volunteers touch the lives of fellow parishioners in many ways and provide an extended family to fellow parishioners by helping out in any and all ways.

Volunteers offer a variety of help in any of the following areas: Meals for Moms which prepares meals for new moms and their families, Supper for the Sick which prepares meals for sick or recovering parishioners, Babysitting Break to temporarily provide childcare for parishioners, and Run-Around Relief which provides occasional transportation for parishioners to doctor’s appointments or to run errands for parishioners in need.

Helpful Attributes
People who love to help others, have a caring heart, willing to donate a little bit of time for others in need will find Open Arms a blessing in their life – volunteers will receive more than they give.

Training & Time Commitment

  • No training is required and no scheduled meetings
  • Commitment is determined by each volunteer and how much time they have to offer
  • Most requests are emailed to volunteers, and the volunteer can then decide if the request is something where they can provide assistance