Children’s Liturgy of the Word (CLOW)

CLOW is temporarily postponed while construction takes place. It will start back when the new chapel opens.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

What is Children’s Liturgy of the Word?

It is the Liturgy of the Word suitably adapted to make it relevant to the lives and experience of young children. It gives them the opportunity to understand the Gospel message and participate in Eucharistic celebration at their own level. This purpose is not to teach but to enrich the children’s participation in Mass offered at the 9 am and 10:40 am Masses.

The children should be present at the beginning of the Mass until the end of the Introductory Rites, when the priest invites them to come forward for their own celebration.  Members of the liturgy team will assist the children’s return to the assembly via of the side isles during the adult’s Prayers of the Faithful.  Children’s Liturgy usually takes about 25 minutes from introduction to the closing prayer.

Our liturgy team will lead the children’s liturgy. All that is required to lead is a desire to help children take a more active part in the celebration of their faith. CLOW takes place during school year.

We invite all parishioners willing to help with the children’s liturgy to please join us, in benefiting our younger children in their worshiping community. Parents, grandparents and teenagers can become involved, as well as anyone who enjoys leading groups of young people. 

Interested in joining this amazing team as a volunteer, please email or call 770-205-7969, ext 13.

Outline for Children’s Liturgy of the Word:

1: The children gather in the church with their families for the introductory rites and welcome. This gathering emphasizes the unity of the whole assembly. Together with the Leader of the Word they are then invited to come forward.

2: A Children’s Lectionary (book of Scriptures) is presented and then carefully carried in procession to the Chapel located in the back of the church.

3: The leader introduces the Gospel to the children in a text that they can understand.

4: Reflective discussion and appropriate activity encourages the children to understand and relate to the Gospel.

5: Liturgy is the prayerful action of the whole assembly. Suitable prayers of intercession allow the children to share in prayer at their own level.

6: The children should be warmly welcomed back to the main assembly when they return to share in the Eucharist.